Fun With Google: Why Do? Part II

google girl 300x215Oh, Google, if only I had time to click on and read every web site that your search engine returns for our silly searches.

The Google suggest feature is often entertaining, as it suggests in real time what you might be searching for. If you haven’t seen it, it often gives good but sometimes humorous suggestions.

We’ve already covered Hot Girls, and we asked Google a few “Why Do?” questions, but I thought of a few more and would like to share with you Google’s suggestions on how to complete our search.

Enjoy, starting with “Why do Chinese…?”:

“Why do Indian…?”

“Why do Boys…?”

“Why do Girls…?”

“Why do Men…?”

“Why do Women…?”

And now our featured search result, which comes up on Youtube when you type “Why do Indian people smell bad?” I think this kid has a future in stand up comedy. Yeah, in Bollywood, maybe.