Fun With Jawas

fun with jawasThe Jawa is that little space gypsy scavenger on the planet Tatooine in Star Wars. Like other Star Wars characters, the Jawa has a cult following. You can read more about the Jawa on Wookieepedia and

Jawa Videos

Where we meet the Jawas

Jawas vs. Nazis

In a pod-race

With C3P-0

With R2-D2

vs. the Rancor

Jawa Links

Jawa Music

Here is the Dune Sea of Tatooine/Jawa Sandcrawler theme, music by John Williams from the Star Wars Episode IV Soundtrack.

Jawa Soundboard

Dress Like a Jawa

Jawa Adult Costume

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This is the Rubies costume.

Jawa Costume

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To me, this costume looks more realistic than the Rubies.

Jawa Bathrobe

500x Star Wars Bath Robes 02

To me, this is worth it because it’s for everyday use, not just for Star Wars conventions or Halloween.

Vintage Jawas Promo Iron-On T-Shirt

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An old-school T-shirt.

Vintage Jawas Promo print Iron-On T-Shirt Jersey


A really old-school T-shirt.

Jawa Cake

jawa cake 560x393

Jawa Stuff

Sideshow Collectibles Jawa Vinyl

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As always, Sideshow Collectibles makes the best stuff, and didn’t sleep on the Jawa (which would’ve smothered it). This statue is vinyl, as opposed to polystone, which most of Sideshow’s items are.

Jawas Bust Two-Pack

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Seems that as small as these things are, there was no reason to make busts out of them when another inch would’ve been the full body.

There are plenty of Jawa action figures out there. Shop around.

Exclusive Garden Jawaimageload 560x372

A Jawa to tend to your garden.

Mimobot Jawa USB Drive

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There’s nothing like trusting a Jawa with your most sensitive information from your computer.

Sandcrawler Stuff

Sandcrawler Vehicle Playset

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I mean, you’ve GOT to get a sandcrawler. How else are you going to sell stuff you find in your neighborhood?

LEGO Star Wars Sandcrawler

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For the Lego freaks, who can’t buy anything unless there’s a Lego version of it. If you don’t want the sandcrawler, then buy the Jawa Lego Star Wars Figure separately. Also, there are plenty of more sandcrawler items on

Stupid Jawa Stuff

Star Wars Jawas Holiday Figure Set

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Nuff’ said.

We’ll end this with…

Dancing Jawas