Funnest Exorcist Collectibles

exorcist collectibles

In case you missed it, Dec. 26, 2010, was the 37th anniversary of The Exorcist. Sure, 37 isn’t exactly a notable anniversary number, but who cares? Let’s celebrate by taking a look at some of the funnest collectibles released for this classic horror film.

But first, let’s watch one of the scariest scenes of the film just to freak ourselves out.

NECA Cult Classic Exorcist Regan

The Exorcist Spider Walk Regan Action Figure

This one is currently selling for a very affordable $3.99 as of this writing. It’s normally $24.99.

NECA The Exorcist Regan Possessed Delux Box Set

the exorcist

Regan’s head spins round-n-round with this one.

NECA Exorcist Regan in Bed Head Knocker

regan bed scene from exorcist bobble head

Okay, this one is just plain silly. It’s one thing to create Exorcist Regan collectibles, but it’s another to greatly exaggerate certain body parts, particularly the head.


This is listed on Doomed to Live, and I doubt it’s for sale, but I’m sure with enough demand for crocheted Exorcist scene, perhaps this will find its way into stores, where it belongs.