The Funniest Commercial, Ever?

dr pepper 10 560x223In a vast sea of television ads trying their damnedest to be funny, it takes something really special to stand out tall enough to really be recognized. Funny commercials are everywhere (see this post for just a few), but mediocre commercials are just as prevalent, if not more so. So what are all the companies who aren’t necessarily known for getting laughs for their ads going to do? Well, if you’re Dr. Pepper and you want to continue your “It’s not for Women” campaign, you go all out combining such perfect bits as:

  • Old-School beer commercial style with hazy, slightly sepia-toned camera work.
  • Super-Manly! That guy eating bark, carrying an impossibly heavy log, and rowing a canoe with a bear is ridiculously macho. Also there’s a hawk.
  • Have a song so completely over the top that it’s not only catchy, it’s just downright silly.
  • An ending that’s almost too uncomfortable for the product and should have been used for a musk, or a cigarette, or booze. In other words: perfect.

So without further ado, check it out.