Funniest Election Videos

The election is Tuesday, so let this be your first reminder to get out and “Barack the Vote”. One of the amazing things about this election to me has been the creativity of the folks submitting crap to YouTube. The election videos that have been created this year have been truly remarkable, and I just wanted to highlight some of my favorites for you. I am sure by now everyone has seen the Tina Fey as Sarah Palin videos, and they are truly hilarious. However my hope is to bring you a couple that you may not have seen yet.

We’ll start with this brilliant piece put together by the folks at 23/6, which uses clips from the three Presidential Debates synced together.

The next one is a John McCain vs. Barack Obama dance off, by the folks at MiniMovie:

Here is Sarah Palin meets Fargo:

This one was actually created by the writers for each campaign, when Obama and McCain appeared at a charity dinner and roasted each other. This video presents some of the highlights:

This classic is a left over from the primary season, but I think you’ll enjoy its inclusion, from The Margins of Error:

…and of course no video collection would be complete without someone getting Rick Rolled. So here is Obama Rickrolling McCain at the Republican National Convention, also courtesy of The Margins of Error:

Also, check out our other favorites that we have previously covered: