Segway Fun

There is something about seeing world class athletes playing on Segways that makes me chuckle. Since that combines three of our main categories here on; Sports, Gadgets, and Humor, I figure you may enjoy these videos as well. Last season the Washington Capitals sent a few players on a Segway tour of D.C. Who took the tour? Only the best hockey player in the world, Alex Ovechkin, and his young guns buddies Mike Green and Nicklas Backstrom. Together they form 3/4ths of the NHL’s best young foursome, and they seemed to enjoy themselves on the tour:

The Capitals also put together this piece, immitating the old show CHiPs (yep, I just added media to this post). The player to crash at the end is Mike Green, and the player you hear laughing at him? You guessed it, Alex Ovechkin:

…and what happens when we add Beer to this post?:

Riding a Segway isn’t as easy as they claim, here is a bit more humor for you:

And incase you were wondering what a young girl in a bikini would look like riding a Segway, yep we’ve got girls too :