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Welcome to our Holiday Gift Guide and Giveaway where we feature our favorite gifts for this holiday season, and then give them all away to our loyal readers! While we don’t have everything for every person in our audience like Oprah or Ellen, we do have one of each item you see below in order to give out to some lucky winners!

In all we have over 30 items on our Favorite Things List, so start by checking out this great list of holiday gift recommendations. If you’d like to win something you see below, utilize the widget at the bottom of this article to enter this amazing giveaway. We’ll select some winners, and ship the product to you as our gift, just in time for Christmas!

Our Gadgets Gift Guide and Giveaway features a fabulous mix of electronics, accessories, and tools. Check out the Gift Guide below, and don’t forget to enter to win at the very bottom.

Toshiba Chromebook 2

Toshiba’s Chromebook 2 is a refreshingly different type of computer, designed to help you get things done faster, and be entertained from anywhere. Nothing complicated to learn. Starts in seconds. Stays up-to-date on its own. It’s ready to work, ready to play and ready to go—right out of the box.

  • Starting at $249, the Chromebook 2’s battery lasts up to 11.5 hours. With a sleek and portable design and colored carrying cases, it’s an optimal device for work and play.
  • The enhanced HD screen quality and Skullcandy speakers provide a superior entertainment experience. Toshiba’s Chromebook 2 allows you to watch movies with amazing visuals and listen to music with fantastic audio, all on a single device.

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Infinity One

The Infinity One’s high-quality drivers deliver clarity at breathtaking volumes, wherever you bring your music. It pairs with your Bluetooth music sources. Its rechargeable battery provides 10 hours playtime and can even charge an external device. The One’s cutting-edge industrial design allows simple, intuitive operation of all controls. Its ceramic-coated aluminum chassis delivers durability and contemporary beauty to your eyes as well as your ears.

  • Stunning room filling sound and great bass from high quality drivers
  • Built with Extruded aluminum chassis and highest quality materials
  • Cutting-edge design—huge sound from a portable, minimalist package
  • Easy Bluetooth pairing with NFC
  • Rechargeable lithium-ion battery for up to 10 hours playtime
  • USB port for charging any smart device

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V Moda XS

Extra small, foldable headphones feature a slim profile for better comfort and exquisite sound

  • XS allows you “mind the gap” by minimizing the unsightly space between the headband and your head
  • 5+ years of R&D resulted in a superior fit, added comfort, grander sound and a compact profile
  • Fashionable form-fitting design elevates your listening experience; discover why “the fit is the sound”
  • Latest addition to the M-Class offers marquee sound signature characterized by its deep yet clean bass, vibrant mids, and ultra-extended clear and transparent highs
  • Combination of steel and metal materials lives up to the military-level standards of the MIL-STD-810G testing guidelines
  • Fully loaded with two Kevlar-reinforced microphone cables for universal smartphone compatibility and an exoskeleton carrying case

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Braven BRV X

World’s First IPX7 water resistant rated True Indoor-Outdoor rugged Hi-Fi speaker

  • First speaker that automatically tunes sound frequency for superb sound
  • Outdoor setting maximizes sound quality and volume in open-air environments
  • TrueWireless™ Technology enables wireless pairing with a second unit for left and right sound
  • NFC allows linking with other devices by simply touching them or bringing them into proximity
  • IPX7 water resistant – withstands water exposure of up to 3 feet deep for up to 30 minutes
  • Integrated speakerphone for conference calls and power bank to charge all your devices

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Braven BRV Bank

World’s first ultra-rugged power bank to integrate Bluetooth Technology and proprietary App

  • Wirelessly monitor battery level from smartphone or tablet
  • Easily locate your BRV-BANK, remotely start and stop charging and control USB flashlight
  • IPX5 dirt and waterproof rated with rugged USB cable and USB flashlight
  • Available in 6,000 mAh
  • Two outputs support up to 2.4A combined

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Stem Izon View

App-controlled home video monitor features night-vision, sound and motion alerts

  • App-controlled: View real-time video of your home on your tablet or mobile phone
  • Night Vision Enabled: IR LED’s on the front of the camera offer enhanced night vision for monitoring in the dark
  • Wi-Fi Connected: Connects through your local wireless network
  • Use it anywhere in your home: For use on any flat surface and can be mounted to a ceiling. It tilts and swivels easily on its unique magnetic base
  • Easy setup: No computer needed, setup takes less than 10 minutes
  • Noise & motion alerts: Receive push notifications to your mobile device on noise and movement
  • Color options: Available in white or black

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Champ Survival Sidekick

Life brings you lots of surprises – some big and some small. With the Champ 8-in-1 Survival Sidekick with Flashlight you won’t have to worry. This handy tool will be able to help you through any tricky situation that you might find yourself in. The Survival Sidekick is the perfect combination of usability and portability. 8 great features have been integrated into a compact design that is perfect for home, car, or on the go. You have a seat belt cutter, glass breaker, compass, phone charger, flashlight, and a warning light in the palm of your hand. The Survival Sidekick gives you all of this and only weighs a little over a pound.

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Kenu AirFrame

Airframe+ securely mounts to any vent (horizontal, vertical, angled, or circular), allowing users to keep their smartphones safely in view at eye level and ready for GPS directions, streaming music, and hands-free calls. Airframe+ eliminates fumbling searches, looking away from the road, and other unsafe behaviors, while abiding by local hands-free laws.

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How To Enter So there you have it, eight of our Favorite Gadgets this Holiday Season. Any of them would make an excellent gift, but we’re sure you have a favorite from the list. If you’d like to win something you see above, utilize the widget below to enter. We’ll select some winners, and ship the product to you as our gift, just in time for Christmas!

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