Game of Thrones : Greatest Moments

George 560x269George R.R. Martin began creating the fantasy series A Song of Ice and Fire, with the first book in the story, A Game of Thrones, being released in 1996. The original intentions were to create a series that would cover three volumes. But then, like most successful novels, the story took on a world of its’ own creation and the fans wanted more, leading to the release of yet another book, the fourth in the series, in 2005. He then released the fifth book, A Dance with Dragons, in 2011 and has two more novels yet to be released to round out the series. Those books, The Winds of Winter and A Dream of Spring, have no official release date as of today.

So, back in 2005, when David Benioff and D.B. Weiss wanted to turn the story into a television series on HBO, they needed permission from George R.R. Martin to take his story and adapt it into a television show. This was not going to be easy either because, back in 2005, the only thing either man had accomplished was David Benioff writing the screenplay for 25th Hour, Troy, and Stay. These two men, however, got a lunch meeting at the infamous Hollywood’s Palm, with George R.R. Martin and they began to make their pitch. After several hours of selling their ideas and discussing the story, George R.R. Martin asked them one question, “Who is Jon Snow’s mother?”

Jon Snow 560x315

For those of you who are unaware, the answer to that question is not cut and dry. It is not written out clearly and openly inside any of the books but it is hidden within the subtext of the stories. By understanding the characters and the story, and not just reading them, a smart person would be able to figure this answer out an make a pitch for why it is true. George R.R. Martin must have loved their answer because they walked away with the rights to create the show. Six years later, the first season hit the airwaves.

Now here we are, eight seasons later, and it is easily the most watched cable television show in history when you consider just how many illegal downloads of the show have occurred since it first aired in 2011. Researchers have found that the numbers should be in the 20 million range, once counting all of those too. But it is not just popular, it is very widely critically acclaimed and has won 257 awards (Out of 696 nominations), including six Screen Actors Guild, one Golden Globe, 38 Emmy, and 2 Critics’ Choice Awards. To say the show turned out to be a success is an understatement. The show is a massive hit that has broken record after record, including the number of viewers for a HBO series.

But all good things must come to an end and Game of Thrones enters its final chapter tonight with the premier of Season 8. In honor of the greatest show in television today, let’s take a look at the 25 greatest moments in the show’s history.

Warning: Spoilers dead ahead!!!

25. A Golden Crown for Viserys

  • Season (Episode): 1, 6
  • Air Date: 5/22/2011
  • Episode Title: A Golden Crown
  • Director: Daniel Minahan
  • Viewers (In Millions): 2.44

24. Lysa Inspects the Moon Door

  • Season (Episode): 4, 7
  • Air Date: 5/18/2014
  • Episode Title: Mockingbird
  • Director: Alik Sakharov
  • Viewers (In Millions): 7.20

23. The Death of a Daughter

daughter 560x330

  • Season (Episode): 5, 9
  • Air Date: 6/7/2015
  • Episode Title: The Dance of Dragons
  • Director: David Nutter
  • Viewers (In Millions): 7.14

22. Arya’s Deathly Revenge Plot Begins

meryn 560x315

  • Season (Episode): 5, 10
  • Air Date: 6/14/2015
  • Episode Title: Mother’s Mercy
  • Director: David Nutter
  • Viewers (In Millions): 8.11

21. Theon Loses His Manhood

Theon 560x373

  • Season (Episode): 3, 7
  • Air Date: 5/12/2013
  • Episode Title: The Bear and the Maiden Fair
  • Director: Michelle MacLauren
  • Viewers (In Millions): 4.84

20. …And Then There was Bronn

  • Season (Episode): 1, 6
  • Air Date: 5/22/2011
  • Episode Title: A Golden Crown
  • Director: Daniel Minahan
  • Viewers (In Millions):

19. We Finally Meet the Night King

  • Season (Episode): 5, 8
  • Air Date: 5/31/2015
  • Episode Title: Hardhome
  • Director: Miguel Sapochnik
  • Viewers (In Millions): 7.01

18. Jaime Opens Up About the Mad King

  • Season (Episode): 3, 5
  • Air Date: 4/28/2013
  • Episode Title: Kissed By Fire
  • Director: Alex Graves
  • Viewers (In Millions): 5.35

17. Tyrion’s Inspirational Speech

  • Season (Episode): 2, 9
  • Air Date: 5/27/2012
  • Episode Title: Blackwater
  • Director: Neil Marshall
  • Viewers (In Millions): 3.38

16. The Hound and His Chickens

the hounds 560x315

  • Season (Episode): 4, 1
  • Air Date: 4/6/2014
  • Episode Title: Two Swords
  • Director: D.B. Weiss
  • Viewers (In Millions): 6.64

15. Cersei’s Walk of Shame

cerseis walk 560x373

  • Season (Episode): 5, 10
  • Air Date: 6/14/2015
  • Episode Title: Mother’s Mercy
  • Director: David Nutter
  • Viewers (In Millions): 8.11

14. A Look Into Ned Stark’s Past

  • Season (Episode): 6, 3
  • Air Date: 5/8/2016
  • Episode Title: Oathbreaker
  • Director: Daniel Sackheim
  • Viewers (In Millions): 7.28

13. Daenerys Rises From Fire

Daenerys and dragon 560x350

  • Season (Episode): 1, 10
  • Air Date: 6/19/2011
  • Episode Title: Fire and Blood
  • Director: Alan Taylor
  • Viewers (In Millions): 3.04

12. The Trial of Tyrion

  • Season (Episode): 4, 6
  • Air Date: 5/11/2014
  • Episode Title: The Laws of Gods and Men
  • Director: Alik Sakharov
  • Viewers (In Millions): 6.40

11. Battle of the Bastards

  • Season (Episode): 6, 9
  • Air Date: 6/19/2016
  • Episode Title: Battle of the Bastards
  • Director: Miguel Sapochnik
  • Viewers (In Millions): 7.66

10. Tywin Faces Tyrion, At Night

10 560x315

  • Season (Episode): 4, 10
  • Air Date: 6/15/2014
  • Episode Title: The Children
  • Director: Alex Graves
  • Viewers (In Millions): 7.09
  • Details: Tyrion Lannister was not always a fan favorite but he became one over the first few seasons. By the end of Season four, he became the show’s biggest star after killing his father, and demented Head of the Lannister Family.

9. Hold the Door!

  • Season (Episode): 6, 5
  • Air Date: 5/22/2016
  • Episode Title: The Door
  • Director: Jack Bender
  • Viewers (In Millions): 7.89
  • Details: The surprising ending to this episode was sad because Hodor had become one of the most beloved characters on the show that only said one thing, “Hodor.” And no one knew why he said it or what caused him to say it, until this episode.

8. Jon Snow Dies

  • Season (Episode): 5, 10
  • Air Date: 6/14/2015
  • Episode Title: Mother’s Mercy
  • Director: David Nutter
  • Viewers (In Millions): 8.11
  • Details: It was coming and yet, we still did not want it to happen when it did. Outraged fans, in the millions, went online to voice their frustration.

7. Jon Snow is Born Again!

7 560x312

  • Season (Episode): 6, 2
  • Air Date: 5/1/2016
  • Episode Title: Home
  • Director: Jeremy Podeswa
  • Viewers (In Millions): 7.29
  • Details: We could not rank this one lower than his death scene simply because GOT fans spent an entire year analyzing the moment and stalking Kit Harrington, who plays Jon Snow, in public, just to see if he ends up on set again.

6. Ned Stark Loses His Head

6 560x315

  • Season (Episode): 1, 9
  • Air Date: 6/12/2011
  • Episode Title: Baelor
  • Director: Alan Taylor
  • Viewers (In Millions): 2.66
  • Details: You might hear the word shocking a lot in this article but that is because it is completely true for the most part and when we just started to enjoy the character of Ned Stark, he was violently taken away from us in a way that little saw coming.

5. King Joffrey is Poisoned

5 560x373

  • Season (Episode): 4, 2
  • Air Date: 4/13/2014
  • Episode Title: The Lion and The Rose
  • Director: Alex Graves
  • Viewers (In Millions): 6.31
  • Details: Three years ago, this moment shocked us all but also gave us hope for the show’s future success. We now had another storyline to follow and a mysterious death of one of television’s most hated characters ever, King Joffrey, spelled the end to the innocence of many of our favorite characters, namely, Sansa.

4. The Mountain vs. The Viper

4 560x316

  • Season (Episode): 4, 8
  • Air Date: 6/1/2014
  • Episode Title: The Mountain and The Viper
  • Director: Alex Graves
  • Viewers (In Millions): 7.17
  • Details: There has been great fights and battles in the shows six seasons but the one between The Mountain and The Viper remains the best. It was the best in the book and was just as perfect on television.

3. Sept of Baelor Explodes

  • Season (Episode): 6, 10
  • Air Date: 6/26/2016
  • Episode Title: The Winds of Winter
  • Director: Miguel Sapochnik
  • Viewers (In Millions): 8.89
  • Details: This was the best scene in the show’s history but it is not quite the greatest moment yet. The entire scene gave us many shocking moments that concluded after the Sept of Baelor exploes and we see King Tommen jump from his castle window, to his death.

2. The Red Wedding

  • Season (Episode): 3, 9
  • Air Date: 6/2/2013
  • Episode Title: The Rains of Castamere
  • Director: David Nutter
  • Viewers (In Millions): 5.22
  • Details: As far as shocking is concerned, this one is by far the most awful of them all. Besides the ones that read the books, no one expected the death of three of the show’s most beloved characters at this point in time. It was not only shocking, it was scary, sad, and it would change the future of all of the main characters of the show.

1. Bran Gets Pushed

1 560x315

  • Season (Episode): 1, 1
  • Air Date: 4/17/2011
  • Episode Title: Winter is Coming
  • Director: Tim Van Patten
  • Viewers (In Millions): 2.22
  • Details: The entire series begins the second Bran Stark was pushed out of a very tall tower window by Jaime Lannister. He came across Jaime and his sister, the Queen Cersei, engaged in intercourse. Jaime pushed him in efforts of covering up their secret but failed to kill him as he survived the fall.