Last Night on Game of Thrones…

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Honor. It plays a significant role in Game of Thrones. Ultimately, it’s (and blatant stupidity) what got Ned Stark beheaded, and it could end up doing the same to his bastard son Jon Snow, who, like his father, is blindly adhering to an archaic code that has no place in the Seven Kingdoms. In last night’s seventh episode of Season 2, “A Man Without Honor,” the subject of loyalty and trust dominated the plot as Snow, Daenerys, Theon, Sansa, Robb and Jaime all stared the ugly truth square in the face. Is there a place for honor in a world beset by selfishness, greed, darkness and betrayal? The “Kingslayer” may have provided the best answer: “It’s too much…” Too much indeed.

  • Theon is drunk with power. Although I’m not entirely sure he wants to be the villain.
  • The ginger Wildling’s nonstop assault on Snow’s manhood is reaching new heights of hilarity.
  • I said it last week and I’ll say it again: the scenes between Tywin and Arya are drama done right. Their relationship is compelling and strangely on equal ground. They both are learning from one another.
  • “Most girls are idiots.”
  • “You’re too smart for your own good.” Tywin’s precise assessment of his precocious “cup-bearer.”
  • “Killing is the sweetest thing there is.” When the Hound speaks, people listen.
  • I kinda feel bad for Jorah. Dude is lovesick to a painful degree.
  • Cersei’s brutally honest advice to Sansa is sadly on point. One can’t help but think she sees herself when she looks at the naive Little Dove.
  • Welcome back, Jaime! Watching him seduce Sir Alton into believing he gave two shits about him was a thing of beauty.
  • Creepy masked woman is growing on me. Qarth is chock-full of liars, cheats and weirdos, but her I like.
  • Oh, Xaro Xhoan Daxos? As big a douche as I expected. But maybe that’s a good thing.
  • Catelyn has been killing it this season. Michelle Fairley is worthy of Emmy consideration.
  • “It’s hard to put a leash on a dog once you’ve put a crown on its head.”
  • A genuine tender moment shared between Tyrion and Cersei? Nah, couldn’t be.
  • “Is that a woman?” LOL moment of the night.
  • Nobody dresses down an enemy like the Kingslayer. Here’s hoping he doesn’t stay away for half a season again.
  • Relax. Theon didn’t do what you think he did. But he’s still an ass.

Three episodes to go before Season 2 is a wrap. Is Stannis ever going to invade King’s Landing? Will Arya get her vengeance? What the hell is going on in Qarth? And will Jon Snow give in to temptation? Until next time…