Last Night on Game of Thrones…

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Strap in kids, because shit’s about to get real on Game of Thrones. Last night’s eighth episode, “The Prince of Winterfell,” of season 2 setup the long-awaited siege (attempted) of King’s Landing by Stannis’s army from the sea. All that stands between him and the Iron Throne are a few walls and the littlest man in the Seven Kingdoms. Well, the littlest Lannister, anyway. Since Joffrey is nothing more than an arrogant douche with delusions of grandeur, the defense of the crown has fallen to Tyrion, who clearly has the aptitude to mount a counterattack, but does he have the necessary forces? All will be revealed in next week’s penultimate installment.

  • Theon’s new nickname seems a bit sarcastic, eh?
  • “Are you the dumbest cunt alive?” Yes, he is.
  • Jon Snow and a ginger sitting in a tree…
  • Catelyn has balls, I’ll giver her that.
  • “A man, pardon, a woman of honor.” Jaime is a dick, but a funny one.
  • I noticed this a few weeks ago, but there’s a new actor playing Gregor (“The Mountain”). Doesn’t really matter, although he doesn’t appear as intimidating as in season 1.
  • Tyrion and Bronn bicker like a married couple.
  • Bronn has clearly seen his share of war, death and dying. His speech about thieves was fantastic.
  • “We could throw books at his men.” Or pig shit… or fire.
  • The Night’s Watch storyline isn’t doing much for me so far. Hopefully, it’s leading to a rousing payoff.
  • Arya really turned the tables on Jaqen H’ghar by naming him. Clever girl.
  • Is Cersei playing a game with Tyrion, or are her spies getting rusty?
  • “It’s not that little.” Tee-hee.
  • Methinks Tyrion should get Shae as far from King’s Landing as possible.
  • ‘Bout time Robb got some. Damn, Talisa is put together! Daenerys has serious competition for the hottest chick in the Seven Kingdoms.
  • Stannis is overconfident. That can’t be good.
  • Tyrion used to be in sanitation? Interesting.
  • “I’ll give him a red smile… from ear to ear.” Joffrey just plain sucks.
  • “Where’s the Gods of tits and wine?” Where indeed…
  • I’m really looking forward to see what’s inside the House of the Undying.
  • Poor farm boys.

The War of the Five Kings is heating up. Can Stannis take what is rightfully his? Will Tyrion’s plan save the city? Is Tywin about to deliver his first victory against the North? Does Daenerys have the power to fleeĀ Qarth with her dragons in tow? So much to be answered with only two episodes left. Until next time…