Gene Simmons’ Offspring is Unsurprisingly a Thieving Scumbag


Not all of us are comic nerds here at Gunaxin, but none of us had heard that Nick Simmons, son of vaguely sleazy glam rocker Gene, was putting out a comic book. And we didn’t really give much of a shit when we did find out because it sounded like the plot of “Highlander” only retarded (so, basically, the plot of a Highlander sequel). We figured it’d be canceled after a couple of issues and become a pop culture footnote.

But that was before Simmons got busted by a bunch of manga dweebs for ripping off the fairly popular manga series “Bleach”. Now it’s become high comedy.

While manga nerds constantly need to be reminded that outside of Japan only a small subset of people actually gives a shit about manga, and just because it’s manga doesn’t mean it can’t be just as unoriginal and stupid as anything the Marvel bullpen or the Distinguished Competition churns out, we’ve got to wonder what Simmons was thinking. Bleach isn’t some obscure comic; you can walk into a Borders and buy a bunch of volumes. So we’re forced to assume Nick Simmons went into a bookstore, bought a bunch of manga, and then figured that nobody else had ever read it ever in America and he could get away with this.

But we’ll leave it to Banky to try and defend Simmons. Banky?