George Carlin, Still Making Jokes

Picture 14Legendary comedian George Carlin’s autobiography hit shelves this past week, more than a year after he kicked the bucket in June 2008 (Imagine how George would feel about the saying ‘Kick the bucket.’ He could easily get five minutes of material on that one alone). This book was written over the course of 15 years by Carlin’s friend, Tony Hendra. The first Amazon review of the book is by Carlin’s daughter, Kelly:

5 Stars… What can I say?, November 10, 2009
By K. Carlin “Polymind” (Los Angeles, CA USA)
Okay, so I AM biased. BUT! I even learned things about my dad that I didn’t know. So imagine, if you are a fan, how fun it will be for you. My dad kept his inner life pretty close to his chest, and in this book he shows his hand fully.

Well, after a review like that, I’ve GOT to get the book! Last Words: A Memoir is available on Amazon.

And while we’re on the subject, here is some NSFW Carlin to enjoy: