George Dickel Barrel Select Whisky

Dickel Header 560x313Recently we received a pair of special bottles from our friends at George Dickel, one to add to our whisky tasting collection, and one to give as a gift. Who did we decide to give our extra bottle to? We’ll get to that in a moment, but first let’s take a look at this bottle of George Dickel Barrel Select, housed in a classy wooden box designed by Discovery Channel craftsman Jimmy Diresta. See the graphic below for the story of what makes this bottle of whisky so unique :

Claim Your Cask 560x771An individually numbered bottle of whisky that has been hand crafted in small batches, aged 9 years, and packaged in a custom wooden box sounds like an awesome gift for only $45. So we were delighted that George Dickel sent us an extra bottle and asked us to gift it to someone who represented the same traits as their product; authentic, genuine and Handmade the Hard Way.

We immediately thought of the guy above as someone deserving of this very special gift. Meet Mike, a man who has retired from being an Army Ranger, High School Teacher and Soccer Coach. He currently spends his time watching his grandchildren and tirelessly doing everything he can to raise funds to put an end to cancer during their lifetime. He’s the kind of guy who drives a truck and wears a John Deere hat daily. Mike uses his Deere mower to cut his neighbors’ lawns, and uses his truck to pick up donated furniture that he sells at monthly yard sales. The proceeds of both activities go directly to fighting cancer. He’s no stranger to hard work and was the perfect person to recognize with this honor.

George Dickel Barrel Select 560x313Do you know someone in your life who is authentic, genuine, and Handmade the Hard Way? Maybe they deserve a bottle of George Dickel Barrel Select this holiday season too.