Get Tore Up From The Final Four Up

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So, maybe you’re not going to play the NCAA brackets this year. Okay, also maybe you’re a pussy. But I’m not here to judge. But, let’s assume for a second you do like beer. You do? Alright, I guess I feel a little bad about that pussy comment earlier. Anyway, since you like beer anyway (as well you should) why not play Beer Brackets? That’s right, Draft Magazine is featuring – you guessed it – 68 beers that you, too, can pick to make it to the end just like NCAA! Click on the link above to play, and here’s a quick shot of what it looks like:

beerbracket1 560x500

beerbracket2 560x528

How cool is that? Yeah, very is right. Oh, and just in case you were wondering, yes, the following awesomeness can happen: “Win a kegerator! One lucky participant in our March Madness 2011 contest will win a Beer Meister Kegerator.” So that should be all the reason you need to play. Beer is fun!