Get Your T-Mobile G1

t mobile g11 300x300The Jay Leno of phones (the T-Mobile G1) has just been released in the US, and look at that chin. The G1 is available for $179.99 with a 2 year contract and works with the T-Mobile 3G network. The G1 includes a Webkit based Browser and can download music from the Amazon MP3 Store. The G1 uses a touch screen similar to the Apple iPhone but also includes a slide out QWERTY keyboard, 5 hardware buttons and a trackball (it’s like a dimple) giving users an amazing amount of control options. It also includes a 1GB SD Card, a stereo headset, and a 3 mega-pixel camera.

But enough about the hardware, we know everyone wants this phone because it’s the first to come with Google’s new (and recently open-sourced) Android mobile platform.

The Wireless and Mobile News had this to say in there Review of G1 Reviews:

“The T-Mobile G1 syncs with all Google apps, calendar, contacts and gmail. The web browser based on Chrome is fast and renders JavaScript well and was called “the best” by two reviewers. The call quality was terrific. The keyboard has received mixed reviews. Two reviewers noted that it lacks a video player and video recorder.

The first SNAFU could be that there is currently no desktop-synchronization software with the phone, making contact syncing a pain. Another problem was that the T-Mobile unlimited web/data plan was capped at 1 Gigabyte. (Maybe that’s why they called it the 1G) The cap was removed due to bad PR.”

Google also launched the Android Market, where you can download applications for your new G1. So far there’s only 40 apps on the market, but I’m sure that’ll jump quickly. Techcrunch has already put up a list of the Top Ten Android Launch Apps so head over there and check them out.

I don’t know if this phone’s as good as the iPhone, but I do think that Android looks promising. Maybe once someone releases an Android phone without the chin we’ll really find out.