Google Autocompletes Revisited

A few years back Google autocompletes were the new cool thing. The idea was to try to find the weirdest and most bizarre sentences you could get Google to autocomplete as you typed into the search engine.

Fast-forward a few years and you’d think that Google would have stopped showing such head-scratching and mind-boggling phrases wouldn’t you? But it turns out they are just like Bruce Willis who’s just bought a new white vest and a tub of paracetamols… because they are back with vengeance!

Thanks to the humor blog, here’s a list of some the best autocompletes out there with added memes for additional lulz.

apparently you got your drivers license from a cereal box

do you think pigeons have feelings

i hate it when people see me at the supermarket

johnny depp is my mailman

once when i was 7 i sat on a banana

petitions to stop nickelback

potatoes may be more dangerous than other vegetables

programmers are tiny gods

remember that time you threw a shoe at me

since when did hitler have an iphone

sometimes i like to dig a hole in my backyard and stand in it

sometimes i like to sit in my closet and pretend im a potato

squirrels are eating my house

what do you mean you forgot the chicken nuggets

what if a cat eats a christmas tree

what if one day you wake up and you were a chicken nugget

what would happen if i poured self raising flour on an orphan

where do cows go on vacation

why do asians speak the ching chong language

your child is an illiterate cabbage