Google Premieres Boring iPhone Imitation


Oh look. What a unique design.

Google has settled into a comfortable relationship with Apple in the cell-phone market: Apple offers genuine innovation while Google offers Android to drive Windows Mobile and Palm out of business, thus giving Apple gloating privileges and allowing cell phone manufacturers two vital advantages:

  1. Being able to make phones just as annoying and user-hostile as they are right now, thanks to Android being open-source. This lets them break it in all sorts of stupid and annoying ways, allowing a continuity of user experience in frustration and screaming.
  2. Letting them pretend that Apple didn’t completely destroy them and make them desperate.

This lets Google leave the innovation and creativity to Apple, and just turn out crappy copies of its product, like the newly-announced Nexus One, which you can learn about at Gizmodo.

And, of course, if you care about cell phone software, or are on T-Mobile, this is a big hairy deal. The other 6 billion people in the world only care that Google crapped out a pathetic iPhone knockoff and is pretending this is somehow a brilliant innovation. Yeah, somehow, we don’t think Steve Jobs is sleeping poorly. He’s got a new liver and his competitors can only crank out knockoffs of his software: as far as he’s concerned, all’s right with the world.