Gorillamobile Yogi for iPad

Gorillamobile Yogi for iPad 300x300Joby introduces the Gorillamobile Yogi that will now let you be able to enjoy your iPad in any position. The Yogi has limber yet sturdy legs, and can twist and bend to stabilize your iPad on any uneven surface or wrap around fixtures-from your lap to your kitchen cabinets!

Gorillamobile Yogi for iPad 3 e1297064158521

Whether you want to be on the couch with an iBook positioned at the perfect viewing angle or watch some TV while your iPad is secured to the kitchen cabinet. The modular clip design allows you to easily switch from portrait to landscape orientation, or remove the legs entirely to slip the lightweight case in your bag.

Gorillamobile Yogi for iPad 2 e1297064128577

Flexible legs bend and curl into an infinite number of poses – stabilize the iPad on your lap and any uneven surface, or hang from fixtures for the perfect viewing angle. The Yogi has flexible legs prop up the iPad on lap or secure to uneven surfaces Modular clip design, and there is a quick-release clip with removable legs secures to the case in portrait or landscape orientation.

Gorillamobile Yogi for iPad 4 e1297064095808Plus when your on the go the legs can be stored separately to maximize case portability. The Yogi has a durable and lightweight protective case made of polycarbonate with rubber bumper to protect your iPad anywhere. JOBY has created a well-designed, revolutionary product with the Yogi that will make your iPad more enjoyable while protecting it. You can purchase the the Yogi at Joby’s site or Amazon.com and is sold for $49.99.