Great Moments In Pre-Super Bowl Hype

media day 300x200The two weeks preceeding the Super Bowl have devolved into a festival of hype as reporters scrounge around for any story they can find. Thanks to the Onion for pointing out these notable great moments:

  • 1972: Analysts spend several days speculating about what would happen if the Cowboys’ Tom Landry coached the entire Super Bowl without his hat
  • 1977: Free chips and salsa
  • 1984: The entire week before Super Bowl XVIII is dedicated to the roman numeral “V,” which celebrates its last appearance in the big game for six years
  • 1995: John Madden is shot out of a cannon each day until the Super Bowl arrives
  • 1999: Chris Berman sets a record by mentioning the Super Bowl 12 times in one sentence
  • 2003: Festivities are cut short when Buccaneers coach Jon Gruden’s face suddenly contorts into a spastic scowl, but alert emergency workers manage to rush to his side and cut away his blood-restricting visor
  • 2006: After telling his story for the millionth time, Jerome Bettis finally breaks down and admits both that he’s not from Detroit, and that he actually won a couple of Super Bowls back in the ’90s that he just never told anyone about
  • 2009: The media desperately tries to bill Super Bowl XLIII as Ken Whisenhunt going up against the team that killed his wife and children

And as an added bonus, you can look at these numbers:

super bowl by the numbers 258x1023