Great Northern Porter

Great Northern Porter

Summit Brewing Co., St. Paul, MN

Great Northern PorterInformation: (Site) “Porter was once the most popular beer in British Empire. One taste of this dark, yet surprisingly light-bodied beer’s malty character and sweet finish will have you singing, “God Save The Queen”

Though lately I have been more apt to get my hands on a few of the 750 ml beers around here, today, instead, I snatched up a 9-beer variety pack from our local World Market. It’s a ‘winter brew’ collection and the very first one my hand touched without even seeing the label completely through the little cut-out windows on the box was this: Great Northern Porter.

Fortunately for me, I adore all things ‘dark beer’, and a porter is nearly as dark as they come. The pour is smooth, deep, chocolaty amber with just a slight, creamy head that lasts about as long as I can describe it before minimizing to a white ring. The nose is rich with malts and a slight cocoa aroma mixed with a deep fugue of roasted characteristics. It’s very nice.

The first sip is very soft and aromatic with wild bitter hops that are only vaguely hidden behind its more apparent mocha overtones. It’s not a Porter I’ve tasted before… that is to say, not a Porter with this complexity. It has an unusual velvety mouth-feel that is just that much different from the other Porters I’ve tried: it’s almost unctuous¬†¬†in the way it surrounds the taste buds and bursts with full flavor, yet, at the same time, remains quite light and easy-going. This is a fine Winter Sipping-Brew perfect for the coldest of nights, as it sits, warming your stomach with each swallow; it is something rather special, indeed. As for food matching, one word: roast. Oh yes.

Rating: * * * * 1/2
A Porter that stands slightly askew from the rest: complex, light in it’s boldness, and very tasty.