Groundhog Day – The Lost Radio Tapes

GroundHog Wakeup 560x315groundhogday 218x300With Groundhog Day approaching, Mike, Jay and Art asked themselves – “Hey remember the wacky morning radio show that Bill Murray listens to in Groundhog Day? That sounded like an awful, industry standard, cheesy, lame interesting morning show, I wonder what the rest of it sounded like?So they just decided to go ahead and do it themselves.

PUNXSUTAWNEY, PA – A number of years ago, a Groundhog Day radio broadcast from the Masters of None Morning Show at 92.2 WPNX was lost for what seemed like forever. Then miraculously, the raw cassette tape audio footage of the air check was found in the abandoned Punxsutawney Broadcasting Building in early 2010 by a demolition crew.

“We are thrilled that such an historic piece of our heritage and holiday was recovered,” said Punxsutawney mayor, Buster Doyle.  “It will be a great honor to share such a momentous occasion with fans of this great day from around the world.”

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Masters of None – Groundhog Day Radio Special (.mp3 file)

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Stephen Tobolowsky as Ned Ryerson

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Special Thanks goes to Libby Kay for providing us with all the station voice imaging.

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