GSF – Darnell Goodman

profileA few weeks ago we introduced you to the Global Sports Fraternity and Dr. Gerard Leavenworth. Today, please meet fellow GSF character, Darnell Goodman.

Darnell was a top draft pick out of college, and was supposed to be the next Jerry Rice. However, upon entering the NFL, Darnell spent more time sipping Grey Goose at the club than he did lighting weights at the gym, until he was eventually cut. But like so many other troubled athletes, Darnell had an awakening: he found Jesus. Now, with the help of his new best friend, “JC” Darnell is determined to turn his life around and to achieve is full potential on the field.

Below are some video clips of Darnell and “JC”. Please be aware that Jesus is a foul mouthed little bitch, and NSFW: