GSP’s Controversial Victory Over BJ Penn

2cftg0mJust when all the fans around the world thought St-Pierre had dominantly defeated BJ Penn fair and square in UFC 94, controversy on his victory immediately arised as soon as the fight was over. Apparently NSAC and some UFC fighters on scene such as Chuck Liddell noticed GSP’s cornermen applied Vaseline on his shoulders and back in between rounds, so that it made BJ having difficult time utilizing his jiu-jitsu to defend himself or to attempt any submissions. We’d seen Kazushi Sakuraba got TKO for the same reason in the past, and few days after the investigation, the fight was ruled “No Contest”. I doubt the same thing will happen to this fight, but I won’t be surprised if it turns out the same way.

2cz2g6qAs a die-hard MMA fan, I only want to watch a clean and fair fight between two of the greatest fighters. It’s a shame that the outcome had to end up this way. I’m not saying BJ would have won the fight without the grease, but I’m sure it wouldn’t have been as one-sided as it seemed. Whether it was intentional or not by those cornermen, GSP’s legitimacy is forever tainted.

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