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Our friends over at Buzzfeed recently put together a post which show stacks of books in offices. It’s such a simple concept, but absolutely brilliant in execution as Mike Hayes solicited photos from media companies all over the country. It was fascinating to see the books that were present in the offices of companies such as Nickelodeon, The Washington Post, VH1, College Humor, Huffington Post, Playboy, Deadspin and Comedy Central. We were also honored to be invited and included in that fabulous collection of photographs.

We were so intrigued by the concept, that we thought we would steal the idea here at Gunaxin for our 3rd Anniversary post. Yep, we’ve been on the interwebs since October 19th, 2008. So for this special occasion, we asked our writers to send us photos of a representative bookshelf. Unlike the Buzzfeed piece, I encouraged them to stage a shelf, that best represented them, made up of the books that they own. What you’ll see below is an interesting collection of books, which very closely reflects the content that you see on this site. How many of us can say that the work we do directly reflects our personal interests? If you were a contributor here at Gunaxin, you’d be able to say just that.

Photos are arranged in order of longevity, with more photos to be added once more of our contributors see how sweet this is. You can click on the photos to see them larger, and hopefully read all of the book spines. Please click on the writer’s name for an index of their content, and you will also find their Twitter handles if you really want to be their friends now.

PVAN Book Shelf 560x415

Philip Van der Vossen@PVanderVossen

Zach Shelf 560x274

Zach Tropf@jericho6

Fred Books 560x277

Fred Squires@Tombstone0

Ben Books

Ben Sumner@benjaminsumner

Stew Books 560x373

Stew Miller@StewWriter

Chris Wang Books 560x391

Christopher Wang@christoper

Jeff Kelly Books 560x247

Jeff Kelly – @jekelish

Joe Caporoso Books 560x325

Joe Caporoso – @TurnOnTheJets

Barry Stagg Books 560x335

Barry Stagg – @bcstagg

Brian Champlin Books 560x330

Brian Champlin – @bchampLA

Philip Van der Vossen

Editor at Gunaxin
Philip Van der Vossen is the Editor of Gunaxin, a Men's Lifestyle Magazine that was established in 2008. Philip also created and hosts the Trail Trek Tour, a traveling series of off-road events for automotive media.

Additionally, Philip has served as Rally Director for the Washington Automotive Press Association, Speaker at IMPAcon and Blogs with Balls, Chairman of the Relay For Life of North Anne Arundel County, Examiner Team Leader for the Maryland Performance Excellence Awards, and Credentialed Founder of Capitals Outsider.

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