Gunaxin Show #65 – Capt. Keith Colburn and Summer Movie Preview with Vince from Filmdrunk

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This week on the Gunaxin Show, Vince from joins us as we preview the second half of the summer movies this year. In case you missed Part One – Check it out HERE. Find out which flicks are worth your hard earned cash and which ones are worthy of being stolen to teach Hollywood a lesson. We try to keep it clean… but yeah, that doesn’t happen.

Then Art talks with Captain Keith Colburn of the Wizard on Discovery’s Deadliest Catch. They discuss some of the little known behind the scenes dangers on the show, and some safe boating tips for you this summer.

The Gunaxin Show is classified as Explicit, so probably NSFW, unless you work here.


Below you’ll find a nice little summary of all the movies from Part 2. Complete with Trailer Links.