Gunaxin Sports Show #10 – Rendy DeLaCruz and NCAA Football ’12

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This week we welcome Ben Haumiller, the producer of EA Sports NCAA Football, to discuss their latest edition of the game. NCAA Football ’12 hits the shelves today, and the Gunaxin Sports Show has the unique perspective of being hosted by the former Associate Producer of the game. So today’s show is a bit of a reunion for Doc, as he used to do a weekly podcast with Ben when he worked at EA. Beyond NCAA Football ’12, the pair also find some time to preview the College Football Season, and to get Ben’s answer to the Gunaxin Six Questions.

Our second segment features an interview with Strongman Rendy DeLaCruz. Art discusses the finer points of being a Strongman with Rendy, and of course asks him the Gunaxin Six Questions. You may recognize Rendy from his recent Jeremiah Weed commercials :

The Gunaxin Sports Show is classified as Explicit, so probably NSFW, unless you work here.