Gunaxin Sports Show #12 – Bernie Williams, Interviews with Art, and the NFL is Back!

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Unfortunately this will be our last episode of The Gunaxin Sports Show. We thank you for listening over our brief history, and we hope that you will continue to be fans of the site. We’d love to resurrect the show at some point, but at this time we need to devote our resources to other projects.

The NFL is Back! We’re so giddy that we spent the first 20 minutes of our final show talking about nothing but Football with Art Eddy, our Producer. From the lockout, to free agency, and crazy Fantasy Football formats, we cover it all.

Since Art is on the show, we also take a look back at some of the interviews he’s done, and which were his favorites. We close out the conversation by discussing Doc’s Dead Pool and the NBA Lockout.

Next we welcome Bernie Williams to the show to discuss his fabulous MLB career, and his new music career. Bernie is working with MasterCard to celebrate the launch of Priceless New York. As always, we end the interview with Bernie’s answers to the Gunaxin Six Questions.

The Gunaxin Sports Show is classified as Explicit, so probably NSFW, unless you work here.