Gunaxin’s Best Star Wars Material

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We here at Gunaxin are huge Star Wars fans, and have written extensively about it. In honor of Star Wars Day, May the Fourth, we present a retrospective of our best Star Wars material.

Movie and Fans

images20 75x75 The Empire Strikes Back Turns 30
Happy birthday, Part V!
star wars1 e1272159485850 75x75 Star Wars = Comedy Series
Yet another Star Wars project is in the works.
Thumb241 Sexy Star Wars Charity Car Wash
Sara Jean Underwood and the best damn car wash in the universe.
2210311932 b780581337 75x75 Hot Girls Dressed as Princess Leia
You’re welcome.
Jabbadeath 1 e1272159568556 75x75 The Ten Most Unnecessarily Gruesome Deaths in Star Wars
How violent was Star Wars really? These 10 scenes ought to answer that.
Header e1272159622950 75x75 Where Are All the Star Wars Babes?
Star Wars seriously lacks hot chicks.
megan fox star wars tee 199x300 e1272159671732 75x75 Star Wars Superfans: Raising the Bar
Fans who take their geek-dom to the next level, in a galaxy far far away.
Trooper 75x75 Star Wars Bloopers: A New Hope
Leia jiggles, the scenes fall apart, and a Stormtrooper hits his head!
250px Ben quadinaros2 e1272159787183 75x75 20 Stupid Star Wars Character Names
Luke? Leia? Ben?
darth nihilus 197x300 e1272159832433 75x75 A Dynasty of Evil: A Sith Lord Timeline
How much do you really know about the Sith Lords?
images21 75x75 Man plays Imperial March on a Tesla Coil
I’m not sure this is what Nikola Tesla had in mind when he invented the Tesla Coil…
Thumb2 75x75 Famous Film Disguises That Should’ve Failed
Aren’t you a little short for a stormtrooper?
Rancor1 e1294034270401 75x75 Who Would Win? Balrog vs. Rancor
Jabba the Hutt’s pet squares off against the shadow and flame.
Picture 18 75x75 Mûmakil vs. Imperial Walker. Who Would Win?
The four-legged beasts from LOTR and Empire Strikes Back square off.
Picture 115 75x75 Other Celebrity Stormtrooper Action Figures
Jon Stewart got his, so now we make a list of who else we want.

Character Tributes

jango fett1 75x75 Is Jango Fett Cool?
Let’s settle this once and for all with a vote.
images6 75x75 A Tribute to the Star Wars Kowakian Monkey-Lizard
Let’s hear it for Jabba the Hutt’s court jester.
images4 75x75 The Bounty Hunters of Empire Strikes Back
Bounty Hunters: Just about the coolest part of Empire Strikes Back.
250px Tuskenraider e1293341481521 75x75 Fun With Sand People
A look at the desert nomad scavenger thieves of Star Wars.
chewbacca2 75x75 A Tribute to Chewbacca
Here’s to our favorite Wookiee.
Thunb 75x751 Why We Love Boba Fett
Admit it, you have a man crush on this bounty hunter.
A Tribute to Jek Porkins of Star Wars
A closer look at a fallen hero.
images11 75x75 Greedo – The Intergalactic Loser
What a bounty hunter shouldn’t be.
wedge 1 75x75 Here’s to the Wingman: Wedge Antilles
“You can be my wingman any time.”
tauntaun1 75x75 Fun With Tauntauns
To those lovable ice kangaroos.
wampa 75x75 The Wonders of Wampa
A look at the Abominable snowman of a galaxy far, far away.
fun with jawas 75x75 Fun With Jawas
You know, those little space gypsy scavengers.


Leia 75x75 What’s Your Favorite Princess Leia Outfit?
The Hoth snowsuit or the Endor combat poncho?
ThermalDet negwt 75x75 Because He’s Holding a Thermal Detonator!
A tribute to the grenade of Star Wars.
Picture 19 75x75 Coolest and Dumbest Darth Maul Stuff
An analysis of the merchandising of the Sith Lord.
millenium falcon3 e1295560121304 75x75 Awesome Millenium Falcon Things
Guitars, cakes, tattoos, beds… everything in the universe.
Picture 14 e1294434297316 75x75 Life Size Star Wars Statue Collectors
Star Wars characters live with family in Dallas.
rood1 75x75 Stormtrooper Helmet Art
Make a Wish Foundation benefits from stormtroopers.
Picture 12 75x75 Steampunk, 1942 and Samurai Star Wars Figures
Sillof’s custom action figures bring Star Wars to new universes.
Screen shot 2010 02 26 at 11.00.07 AM 75x75 The Hottest Princess Leia Stuff
‘Nuff said.
rancor 75x75 Really Expensive Star Wars Stuff
Here are some of the most expensive but cool Star Wars things available.
xwing sw 75x75 Top Ten Awesome Star Wars Toys
While action figures are must-haves, the coolest toys are the big ones.
411wxzfkggl ss400 75x75 Ridiculously Expensive Star Wars Lego Sets
Star Wars + Lego = A Geek’s Dream. Since no one can afford this stuff, let’s drool over it.
Thumb45 75x75 Star Wars USB Flash Drives
Now you can carry the Force with you.
Jaba Coolest and Dumbest Jabba the Hutt Things
Get your Jabba blowup doll.
vader 1 75x75 Really Expensive Darth Vader Stuff
Spending money on a space genocider.
squirrels lightsabers 75x75 Fun With Lightsabers
Pow! Boom! Pop! Fizz!
Picture 114 75x75 Dress Up Firefox in Star Wars Art
Now even Firefox can have Star Wars on it.
stars fine art vader skywalker 75x75 Star Wars Fine Art
Class art plus Jedis equals success!
dancing r2 d2 75x75 The Dancing R2-D2s
In the quest to claim the title ‘best droid ever,’ you can see R2D2 dance.