Gunaxin’s NCAA Bracket Challenge

gunaxin brackets
We know you all are chomping at the bit to compete with Gunaxin’s Editors and fellow readers in an NCAA Bracket Challenge. I mean hell, you have brackets at 20 other websites, why not have one here as well? Just to make it interesting, we are going to offer up some special prizes!

The winner of our Bracket Challenge gets to pick the subject matter of one of our famous Girl Galleries. That’s right, we’ll spend hours on Google and Flickr to create your very own personalized gallery. To sweeten the pot even further, we would like to thank our friends at Steady Burn for helping us to secure a copy of World War II on DVD, which will also go to the winner. Babes and War, what else can you ask for?
world wariiUltimate Collections: World War II DVD Set. This box set features 29 documentaries and almost 15 hours of footage on 10 discs!

But Wait! There’s more! The second place entrant will receive a copy of Tom Cruise’s Risky Business on Blu-Ray.

risky business2

This 25th Anniversary edition of the film that was recently parodied by Guitar Hero commercials can be yours for the taking if you finish second in our Bracket Challenge.

So how do you enter? Its quite simple, just join our Public Group over at ESPN, and make your selections. Feel free to invite your friends, the more the merrier.