Gunaxin’s Top Ten Top Ten Lists


Star Wars 75x75

1 Top Ten Awesome Star Wars Toys
Nostalgia. It works every time. List something that we used to collect, it’ll be a hit. Mix that with Star Wars, it’s a double hit.

dallas cowboys cheerleader 75x75

2 The Ten Best Jobs in Football
We put ‘sports blogger’ on the list because, um, that’s what we do.

Janice MuppetsTV1 75x75

3 The Ten Worst Muppets
Yes, even some Muppets suck.

images11 75x75

4 The Ten Most Unnecessarily Gruesome Deaths in Star Wars
Star Wars again… this time gory deaths!

basketball 75x75

5 Top Ten March Madness Buzzer Beaters
Cinderella baby!

gi joe logo 75x75

6 Top Ten G.I. Joe Villains (COBRA)
Go Joe!

bollywood splash 75x75

7 Top Ten Bollywood Sex Symbols on YouTube
We won’t watch the movie, but we will look at these gals.

top ten songs suicide 75x75

8 Top Ten Songs About Suicide
Believe it or not, people Google this ALL the time.

south korea flag 75x75

9 Top Ten Prettiest Women in South Korea
One day we’ll see if the North Korean women are just as hot.

judyjetson 75x75

10 Top Ten Hottest Cartoon Characters
What’d you want, the ugliest? Well, we’ve got that, too.