The Guy Who Wrote “St. Elmo’s Fire” Changed it to “Tim Tebow’s Fire”

john parr 560x332


From the bottomless pit of stories about Tim Tebow comes this juicy nugget, which is so douche chilly it should be bronzed and hung in effigy inside the Douche Chills museum. Take it away FOX 31 in Denver.

British musician John Parr has re-recorded his 1985 hit song “St. Elmo’s Fire (Man in Motion),” giving it a Tim Tebow twist.

Three things: 1) John Parr is British?, 2) John Parr is still alive?, and 3) the Tim Tebow Twist is currently sweeping junior high dances across the country.

Anyway, to call this horrifyingly repugnant does a disservice to all things horrifyingly repugnant. Consider yourself warned. Behold, “Tim Tebow’s Fire.”

[Via KDVR]