Halloween Treats IV: The Sweetening

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Welcome, kiddies to the Fourth Annual ‘Halloween Treats’ write-up and picture extravaganza! That’s right, boos and ghouls, I’ve been stealthily snapping pics of spooky Halloween treats in my local stores for four years now and have yet to rouse the suspicion of any one of many employees who have looked at me cockeyed. Lucky me! Anyway, before you go on with the 2012 collection, I implore you to take a look at Treats past by visiting: Halloween Treats 1, Halloween Treats 2, and Halloween Treats 3. And now that that’s out of the way, I think I can dispense with any more pleasantries and just get right to the goodies! Happy Halloween… Treats!

The Hostess Collection: Part 1

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From the get go here, I'll tell you that the first few were located at our recently remodeled and constantly shifting Meijer. It's literally like stepping into an Amusement Park Funhouse each and every time I go in there. And by that I mean nauseating and not at all fun. Be that as it may, they did have some excellent Halloween goodies at what was the bread section, but is likely now where the socks are. Hostess has once again knocked it out of the holiday park with its quartet of themed goodies. First up we have the GloBalls and ScaryCakes, each of which also sounds like a wrestler from the heyday of the WWF.

The Hostess Collection: Part 2

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Following the first two in the Hostess quartet, we have the back-up singers: Not at all fun-named Cupcakes and Twinkies. Seriously, Hostess? For one Holiday you couldn't spruce those tried-and-true titles up just a bit? Here's were I would have gone were I in charge of such departments at Hostess: CreepCakes and Terror-inkies! That's right. I expect a call anytime now from the Hostess company...

Pumpkin Delights

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Not Hostess this time, but another company with its hand in the snack cake arena. They're little cookie-like pumpkins filled with apple... jizz. We didn't buy these because 'Filled Soft Cookies' sounds like a band comprised of nothing but former hookers.

Vampire Deterrent

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This is bloody genius! Cashing in on the overly abundant vampire craze is the Christopher Ranch company out of California. They have brilliantly adorned their garlic boxes with little garlic Jack-O-Lanterns. No, no vampires to speak of, but the implication is there, however indirect. This might have been the coolest display for a super-un-Halloween-like treat I've seen all year.

Halloween Creature Cookies

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Nestle's got quite the array of 'Creature' shapes here in this really cool collection of holiday cookies. And to be honest, If I got a little baggie with a monster of ghost cookie in it tossed into my Trick-or-Treat bag, I think I'd have to applaud the home owner's effort. Oh, I'd still egg the shit out of their house for not doing candy. But I'd feel a little worse on the inside.

Plsbury Ghosts and Spooky Cats

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These were the cookies we ended up buying mainly because they were a better bargain at buy one get one free. I went back a few days later for the Halloween Creatures, but they were sold out. Oh well. Anyway, Pilsbury releases these every year and they are some of my favorites. They are simply sugar cookies, but the ghost and cat shapes look really cool. I love how the Dough Boy is making a 'Boo" face. Brilliant.

Om Nom Nom!

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I'm not entirely sure if this is supposed to be a vampire or some kind of monster or what, but this bag is beautiful. Frito-Lay went all out on its giant bag of mixed chip-snacks and I have to say, for a package of its size (there's 20 bags in this thing) I was really impressed with how it looked. We bought it. I'm a sucker for marketing.

Creepy Chips Ahoy

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Okay, as much as I enjoy Chips Ahoy, I was a little disappointed in their complete lack of vision for their Halloween cookies. Oh sure, the package is done very nicely with all the holiday jargon... it's not that I'm upset about. No, it's the cookies themselves. All they did was add peanut butter chips and little orange things. Really? No bats or green wads or anything? C'mon, Chips Ahoy! Let's step it up in 2013, shall we? Oh, and I found these at Wal-Mart.

A Mummy’s Favorite Candy

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This one and the following were found at our local D&W, a store I don't typically frequent because they tend to be quite bit pricier and cater to the... uh... snobbier side of town. Well I went in because they do sometimes carry harder to find beer when everyone else is sold out. Also I needed two more picture. So here we are. Also, finally candy! And this bag o' goodies contains 140 pieces and it was like seven bucks. Not too bad, I guess. The way the weather's going around here, I might just buy this so I can avoid Trick or Treating all together.

Hershey’s Pumpkins and Bats

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And there you have it, boos and ghouls, the final piece of Halloween Treat packaging on the list. Hershey's, as always, has adorned its package with one of the coolest open-eyed and open-mouthed Jack O' Lanterns I've ever seen... well, in print on a bag, at any rate. I like how it looks like the pumpkin is full of candy goodness! Hey, what can I tell ya, I'm a sucker for impressive packaging. Well, have a safe and happy Halloween, everyone! Especially if you're on the East Coast. I hear Sandy doesn't play well with Trick or Treaters. Be safe!