Hands-on with I-MEGO Headphones

I Mego Gunaxin Review 560x238Over ear headphones are all the rage right now, as we all have portable entertainment devices, but crave something better than the ear buds they come with. While some big names are dominating the market, there are other brands that are certainly worth considering when making your headphone purchase.

I-MEGO recently sent us their entire lineup of over ear headphone technology so that we could provide you with a complete look at their offerings. If you are looking for an alternative to some of the more stylish and expensive options out there, take a peek at these headphones from I-MEGO.

I-MEGO: Throne Cambo X1/X2

I Mego Throne Cambio X2 560x280The I-MEGO Thrones bring a unique style to the headphone market, with design cues provided by an old iconic microphone. The Throne Cambo offers a less-expensive alternative to the Thrones (listed below) while still providing a high quality audio experience. We were impressed with the sound, but we could easily spot the difference in quality of finish and packaging between the two Thrones.

Our review headphones were white (X2), which didn’t appeal to us as much as black version (X1) but they make a strong partner for your white iPhone.

  • Limited edition THRONE Cambo offers unmatched style and sound
  • High-quality audio provided by two high performance 40mm drivers
  • Adjustable headband, comfort foam, and premium earpads to provide exceptional comfort and noise isolation
  • $2 will be donated to Cambodian charity efforts

Available at: Amazon.com for $79.99

I-MEGO: Walker Junior Headphones

I Mego Walker Junior 560x280

The Walker Junior is I-MEGO’s noise cancelling, collapsible headphone offering. They are geared towards travel, so folks who are likely to be found on planes or trains and want headphones that are compact and cancel out annoyances. The Walker Juniors handle both of those goals admirably and are comfortable to wear (which cannot be said about all collapsible designs).

We did however wish the headphones were rechargeable instead of requiring a standard AAA battery, and the design aesthetic didn’t appeal to us in particular. That being said, it’s tough to find quality noise-cancelling headphones at this price point, which positions the Walker Juniors well on your shopping list.

  • Engineered with active noise-cancelling to create a comfortable listening environment in areas with high ambient noise
  • Headphones are lightweight and fold down to make them easy to pack
  • High performance 40mm drivers deliver premium sound for listening to music and movies
  • Includes airplane adapter and soft carrying pouch

Available at: Amazon.com for $119.99

I-MEGO: Throne Headphones

I Mego Throne Poison 560x280While they are the most expensive of the I-MEGO over ear headphone offerings, the Thrones would definitely be our choice. Honestly being collapsible and providing noise cancellation isn’t as important as some would lead you to believe. These headphones provide superior styling and sound quality to the Walker Juniors, and the included travel bag makes bringing them along in carry-on luggage fairly easy. When you listen to your music and movies as loud as we do, noise cancelling becomes less of a need as well. A fully detachable cord would be a welcome addition, but the overall quality of these headphones is a noticeable upgrade over the Throne Cambo.

  • Unique design meets clear, crisp audio and heavy beats in these stylish over-ear headphones
  • Features a real leather headband, premium memory foam, and leather earpads for comfort and noise isolation
  • Integrated microphone and one-button control for play/pause/skip on any device
  • Equipped with high performance 40mm drivers deliver crystal clear audio
  • Available in THRONE Gold and THRONE Poison

Available at: Amazon.com for $129.99