Hands On with Armor All Extreme Shield Wax

This post brought to you by Armor All. All opinions are 100% mine.

I’m not one of those guys you’ll see out in his driveway every weekend washing his car. Sure, I have plenty of various products for the task, but if I were to hand-wash my car more than once in a year, it would be safe to assume I acquired a new vehicle in that year. So when Armor All contacted us about testing out their Extreme Shield Wax, I honestly was dreading the task. So much so that I actually took my truck through a drive thru car wash (no wax) to lessen the pain of this task. I’ve waxed several vehicles by hand in my time, and I know what a pain in the ass it can be. So I was pleased to find out how easy their process really is.

Armor All 560x452

Pictured above is what comes in the box. Rather standard supplies for modern car washing with the micro fiber cloth and foam applicator, but solid that they included it in the box. The instructions were fairly simple :

  1. Wash and dry the vehicle, duh.
  2. Shake bottle, squeeze out some product on applicator
  3. Spread a thin even coat over 2-3 square feet.
  4. Wipe off excess with micro fiber cloth

I simplified it a tad, but that’s essentially it. No hazing, none of that white residue crap, no specific motion required for application, and you can even apply it in the sun. In fact you can even apply it to the plastic on your vehicle, and it restores the beauty of those pieces. Check out the before (right) and after (left) photo below, after I applied the Extreme Shield Wax.

Hummer Wax 560x299

Honestly my paint looks pretty good on my truck, so the contrast in the photo is a bit difficult to see. It’s much more obvious in real life, as I actually left portions of my truck un-waxed to see the difference. What’s glaringly obvious in that photo above though is the difference in the plastic. It seems to work just as well as another product I’ve used in the past, Mother’s Back to Black.

Now the real selling point of this product is that fact that it not only protects, but it also repels dirt and grime. I haven’t fully put that to the test yet, but after a couple of days of driving, so far so good on that front. Honestly I’m impressed with the product, and it makes my 4-year-old vehicle look like new again. The ease of application is key to me, so maybe I won’t have to dread waxing my truck anymore. For a more professional look at Extreme Shield Wax, including some testing of the dirt repellent, check out this video with Tony Stewart :

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