Happy 75th Birthday, Jim Henson

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September 24, 2011 would have been the late, great Jim Henson’s 75th birthday. Though he died 21 years ago, the legacy he left will be felt for decades, so we might as well celebrate as if that’s still him voicing Kermit the Frog.

Like The Muppet Show, we’ll pay tribute to Henson with an assortment of random and entertaining videos and posts.

A Tribute to Kermit’s Yay!

kermit1Kermit spazzing out and yelling Yay!, which usually happens as he’s introducing the next act on stage, is one of the funniest things that he does and has been mimicked by kids and adults since the mid 1970s.

Let’s watch:

Of course, Family Guy had something to say about this:

Gunaxin’s Muppet Archive

%nameBest Frank Oz Characters

Who would win? Yoda or Grover?

images 75x75Reasons Bert and Ernie Should Come Out

Maybe if they entered the military…

swedish chef feature 75x75A Tribute to the Swedish Chef

Bork! Bork Bork!

Beaker 75x75A Tribute to Beaker

Meeeee Meeeeee Meeeeee!

muppets animal 75x75A Tribute to Animal

Woman! Woman!

Statler Waldorf 75x751A Tribute to Statler and Waldorf

Here’s to our favorite old, cranky hecklers.

Here’s one of the last televised interviews that Henson ever did, on the Arsenio Hall Show, with way too much Clifford, which you can skip.

Henson Action Figure

Like the Muppets, Jim Henson has his own action figure. It’s made by Palisades, a Maryland-based toy company which went bankrupt because they were producing high-quality (yet affordable) toys for a niche market, a business model that it hard to make work. Regardless, these figures, which were originally produced for the Muppets’ 25th anniversary, are still out there,going for far more money than they were originally sold for.

Jim Henson Muppets Special Edition Action Figurehenson

 The Kermit figure is separate. Henson also comes with a banjo and a director’s chair.

Labyrinth and The Dark Crystal

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Though Jim Henson is most famous for Sesame Street and the Muppets, he did make a couple of other films that became cult classics. Yes, I’m talking about The Dark Crystal and Labyrinth.

labyrinth bowie 75x75Ten Reasons Why Labyrinth Rules

David Bowie’s junk is not on the list.

Picture 16 75x75A Tribute to Hoggle

The dwarf you root for even though he’s a prick.

images10 75x75A Tribute to The Dark Crystal’s Chamberlain

To the most annoying, whining full-bodied Muppet.

“The Muppets” Trailer

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