Happy Birthday John Daly

Today, April 28th, is none other than the birth date of America’s greatest golfer…John Daly! Ok, certainly not the greatest, but definitely the most entertaining golfer from America. Standing at 5’11 and weighing nearly 300lbs, Daly has had his ups and downs in life, but always manages to put a smile on your face when you see him swing as hard as he can and hit that ball. Regardless of his personal and on the course struggles, Daly remains one of the most popular and intriguing figures on the Tour. Below you will find pictures, videos, and links that captivate who John Daly really is…an American “hero”.

Here Daly being Daly wacks a golf ball off of a Beer Can!

Here the guys from PTI discuss Daly playing golf shirtless, quite the site.

Here Daly shows his incredible strength and power…WOW

What a guy…truly a character!

I hope you all enjoyed a tribute to the entertaining and troubled golfer on his birthday today! Maybe there is another major in store for him…who knows…stranger things have happened.

Check out his website