Happy Birthday Nissan Leaf


In a time of year when most car companies are trotting out their annoying holiday commercials, the folks at Nissan are mixing it up a bit with the Happy Birthday song. Yep, the Nissan Leaf is already 1-year-old :

Honestly I feel like this commercial is going to attract the attention of children with that song, and then encourage them to go play with their power outlets, but it gets the message across that it’s 100% electric. From what I understand there is a waiting list for these things, so I suppose their 19,000 customers are the lucky folks who had their number called. So if you are among that group (or still waiting), be sure to wish the Leaf a Happy¬†#LEAFBday on Twitter.

The Leaf has had some rather memorable advertising in its short time in existence. Since I tend to watch too much cycling, I recall that the Nissan Leaf sponsored Team Radioshack, and had this great commercial running during the Tour de France :

…and then there is this classic with the Polar Bear :