Happy Thanksgiving!

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Happy Thanksgiving! For those of you that don’t know what this great holiday is about, what hole did you just crawl out of? If you’re not in the know, Gunaxin has put together a quick starter guide to help you navigate this busy day.

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As guests start arriving one by one, you’re probably wondering how you’re going to entertain everyone? For starters, at 12:30pm, the battle of polar opposites takes place in traditional fashion at Ford Field between the Tennessee Titans and the *cough* losers *cough* Detroit Lions. The perennial joke of the NFL is still searching for their first win of the season while the Titans have just lost for the first time this season to Brett Favre and the Jets. After an atrocious start to the season, the Lions’ front office finally did what the fans were chanting for weeks – fire Matt Millen! Let’s hope there’s some Motown Mojo left in good ole Detroit. Afterall, putting your faith in the players will get you another loss…

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After what will surely be a fun game of watching the Titans stomp all over the Lions, you can catch the game at 4:15pm between the Seattle Seahawks and the Dallas Cowboys. After missing five games with back and nerve problems, Matt Hasselbeck will play in his third consecutive game. Too late to turn the season around, the Seahawks will look to fulfill the role of dragging whatever other teams they can down with them.  Tony Romo’s pinky should be coming along further and so expect a good shootout at Texas Stadium.

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After another great game, it’s time to let your eyes rest and feed your belly! Thanksgiving isn’t complete until you stuff your face with as much turkey, mashed potatoes, lumpy gravy, cranberry, corn, pecan pie, etc that you can get your grubby little fingers on. Don’t have beer at the thanksgiving feast? Consider reading Gunaxin’s very persuasive post on how to convince others that it’s a mandatory thanksgiving staple.

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After you’ve expanded your waistline by a good 3 inches, what better way to fall comatose with your hands down your pants than to watch yet another football game. This time, at 8:15pm the Arizona Cardinals try to show the Philadelphia Eagles that they are top bird in the NFL.

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Arizona Cardinals quarterback, Kurt Warner has had a great year and has been stirring rumors of a potential 3rd MVP award. Not bad for a guy that used to work the night-shift at a grocery store. On the opposite side of the field is Donovan McNabb who has recently been on a erratic performance spree. McNabb has been under performing so much that Coach Andy Reid benched him in the second half against the Baltimore Ravens.

After the football game, there’s no doubt you will need to say some goodbyes to all of your guests and then head straight to your throne to drop some boys off at the pool. Then it’s off to bed and to help you fall sound asleep, Mr Adam Sandler will lead the way.

Happy Thanksgiving from all of us at Gunaxin!

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