Heidi Klum Loves Guitar Hero

Just last week we wrote an article discussing the Guitar Hero World Tour advertisement with Michael Phelps, Kobe Bryant, Alex Rodriguez, and Tony Hawk. We mentioned how we thought this ad was far less effective for the money than a piece Playboy did with centerfold Grace Kim, which in a way advertised Rock Band 2. Well apparently Activision heard our message loud and clear, because in ESPN’s Monday Night Football broadcast last night, they unveiled a new version of the commercial. As a Redskins fan, this was the only redeeming moment of the evening, as Heidi Klum danced in her underwear while playing Guitar hero. So in case you missed it, here is the commercial that played during the first half:

And during the second half, once all of the kids had gone to bed, Heidi appears to be enjoying Guitar Hero even more:

Heidi Klum dances around in her bra and panties on my television to sell me a video game? God Bless America! For our money, this seems to be a more effective use of an advertising budget. Get your copy of Guitar Hero World Tour today, Heidi Klum not included.