Heineken : The Chase with James Bond

James Bond doet het weer met Heineken filmpje crop1000x500 560x279The latest James Bond flick is set to hit American theaters on November 6th, which means we’re about to be hit by some great product placement. The Bond franchise does it better than any other, and Spectre is certainly no different. Heineken’s association with James Bond dates back to 1997’s “Tomorrow Never Dies”, with Spectre being the seventh consecutive film in the partnership.

As part of its integrated global Spectre campaign, Heineken has unveiled a new TV spot – titled “The Chase” – which features Daniel Craig as James Bond in a high speed boat chase. Heineken’s “The Chase” uses Spectre cinematographers and stuntmen to ensure the action sequences are authentically Bond. The spot features a young woman, Zara, who inadvertently becomes involved in a high-speed boat chase where she helps the world’s most infamous spy save the day. Heineken is the only Spectre partner who has created a television commercial starring Daniel Craig.

To further heighten anticipation ahead of the movie’s release, an estimated half a billion limited edition Heineken and Heineken Light bottles and packaging launch nationwide today, featuring the James Bond Spectre logo. The new Bond-themed bottles also include a unique scan-able logo and codes on each, unlocking free movie tickets in partnership with Fandango (1 in 7 wins), as well as original Spectre content. Using any mobile device, visit www.Heineken.com and scan the front of any Heineken Bond limited edition packaging to determine winners.

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