Heisman for Humanity


The destruction of Katrina still scars New Orleans neighborhoods and as part of Nissan’s ongoing partnership with Habitat for Humanity they have rallied Heisman Trophy winners (sorry, no Reggie Bush) to aid in rebuilding the Gulf Coast city.

The Heisman winners span several generations of college athletics, and we hope you’ll recognize at least a few of the more recent names :

  • John Lattner (HB, Notre Dame, 1953)
  • Johnny Rodgers (RB Nebraska, 1972)
  • George Roger (RB, South Carolina, 1980)
  • Mike Rozier (RB Nebraska, 1983)
  • Danny Wuerffel (QB Florida, 1996)
  • Eric Crouch (QB, Nebraska, 2001)


It wasn’t just their brawn and brains going into each new home, these Heisman Trophy winners also added personal touches to the construction: their autographs, self-portraits, and even the Heisman trophy: