What the Hell is Tebow?

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The word “Tebow” conjures up a lot of different feelings in the NFL, but the majority of opinions on the NFL player are hateful. The usual complaints are that Tim Tebow has bad throwing mechanics, isn’t “NFL-ready” and that he gets too much exposure by networks like ESPN.

Before we go any further, this is not a defense of Tebow. I’m definitely guilty of ragging on him for his unorthodox fundamentals, but besides that I don’t really care either way about him. I just want to figure out what his role is in the NFL, because it sure as hell isn’t a good quarterback.

That passing line against the Kansas City Chiefs on Sunday (2/8, 69 yards, TD) is not indicative of someone who is a good quarterback. It might be more helpful to also look at Tebow’s rushing stats, though (9 rushes, 43 yards, TD). Tebow’s throwing can be cringe-worthy, but it’s hard to deny his rushing ability.

It would be easy to criticize Tebow’s stats if it didn’t result in a 3-1 record for the Broncos since he took the starting job. Granted, he’s not responsible for the wins by himself since Denver ran the ball so much with Willis McGahee and Knowshon Moreno (now out for the season with a torn ACL), but Tebow only has one interception and one lost fumble so far. It’s not like the team is winning in spite of him. He’s just not screwing up enough to warrant a change or benching.

This is where the tricky part comes in. At the risk of building a straw man, some people might say Tebow is a scrambling quarterback. I see that as inaccurate. To me, a scrambling quarterback is someone like Michael Vick or Cam Newton, someone who is a very capable passer and doesn’t need to resort to running, but has it as a viable option. Tebow doesn’t fit that definition. When I look at Tebow, I see a Pat White who survived the NFL long enough to get some starts.

After looking at Tebow’s past performances and due to my love of creating new words, I feel like Tebow should be placed in a separate category. I’m thinking of calling him a “fractionback,” since he’s active in many aspects of the field yet not a pure player for any one position. Broncos fans would probably enjoy someone more like John Elway, but when it comes down to it, as long as Tebow isn’t hurting the offense and the team is able to win, it shouldn’t matter.