Henna Brown Ale

P’s Family Brewing Henna Brown Ale

P’s Family Brewing, Portage, MI

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Information: This is the fourth in the new P’s Family Brewing beer offerings, and it is one of their finest, indeed. English Brown Ales tend toward the nuttier, crisp side of the ale persuasions and have a very deep, refined aroma and palate reminding many of woodsy, English Countrysides. The nose notates oaky hints and hazelnut tones. It is rich and delicious.

APV – 5.5%

One of the best things about not only knowing the brewer of a new family-owned and run brewery, but also being a part in both naming and designing the labels is just that; being such a hands-on consumer. This, being the fourth beer made, is also the fourth I have had a hand it. Whether it was just a review, naming and a review, or in this case naming designing and a review, it really makes me feel like part of the whole process even though I had nothing to do at all with brewing it. Still fun.

The pour is a deep, rich brown that smells immediately like damp Autumn. And that is a great thing; oaky, leafy, earthy… it’s all there right off the bat in the very first sniff. There is indeed something very woodsy about it. It reminds you right away of taking a walk through a forest rife with fall colors. The first taste has a lovely woody, barky overtone with back-up accompaniments of walnuts and something reminiscent of worn leather. There is definitely a shy hint of dark cherries and a slight deep, wet log note that in and of itself would match very well with mushrooms. It’s middle act has an almost unctuous mouthfeel that leads perfectly into its third stanza that is quite juicy and just a tad burnt-sugary. This is definitely a brown ale with all the makings of something special. As I noted before, this would be awesome with a mushroom gravy slathering some game. An excellent sample.

Rating: * * * * 1/2
Henna is a Brown Ale any brewer would be proud of.