Hercules DJ Control MP3 e2 Is Hit of the Party

If you love music, love having fun, and looking for an easy way to start up a DJ business, look no further than the Hercules DJ Kit. I fell in love with e2 as soon as I started messing around with the kit. I have a standard DJ kit with turntables from back in the day of when I was making mix tapes and cutting it up at parties in college. The turntables were fun, but lugging all my equipment, storing my vinyl records and speakers were becoming a pain. I wanted to bust out the 1’s and 2’s here and there after my college days but it was just a hassle to break them out of the box.

Hercules DJ Kit 560x560Now Hercules came around with a DJ Kit that fits into a laptop case and uses all the music on your computer. It has the feel of the old school kit, but takes the modern approach of being compact and portable.  Plus Hercules gives you a cover for your kit to protect it for when you are moving from one party to another each night.

One great element about the Hercules DJ kits is that it doesn’t matter if you are Funkmaster Flex or some newbie looking to start up a DJ business. The DJ program helps beginners find a cue point once it analyzes each song. Plus with one push of a button you can sync up the songs if you are not able to manually adjust the pitch.

DJ Kit 560x362The kit comes with two “jog wheels” that are your turntables, a cross fader, and two volume faders to mix the two tracks. Now here is where the fun begins with the extras on the Hercules DJ Control MP3 e2. For starters you can create your own effects and store them for when you are mixing it up. You have the ability to save all your mixes. The e2 also gives you the ability to equalize your music to produce a crisp and clear sound. There are sections on the kit as well to create loops, pitch control and have built in sound effects as well. The kit uses a USB cable as the power so there is only one cord you need to worry about for connecting the kit to your computer or laptop.

They even put lights on all the buttons to make seeing each component on the kit that much easier. Another great feature that I love is that it lets you know what songs you have already played so you don’t keep on playing the same tracks over and over again.

For under $200, you will be able to start mixing it up at home, clubs, parties… where ever you want to have a good time. Check out www.hercules.com for the e2 and the many other DJ kits they have online. This is the perfect kit for a beginner or a pro. So check out the site pick up a DJ kit that is right for you and faster than you can yell REMIX you will be the hit of the party.