‘Here’s to Dad!’

Screen Shot 2012 06 10 at 12.20 560x304The good folks at Gillette have put together a new commercial which celebrates Dads everywhere this Father’s Day. It’s sure to pull at the heart-strings of most guys, athlete or not. They recognize the man behind the athlete… the man behind all of us.

Yep, that’s Ryan Lochte, Tyson Gay and Roger Federer delivering that important Father’s Day message. In addition, Gillette is searching for the greatest fatherly advice ever. Visit us them on Facebook or use #HeresToDad on Twitter between June 7 and 17 to share your dad’s words of wisdom. The top pieces of advice will be compiled and shared widely via a national Facebook poll to help identify the most valued piece of advice given by dads.

Among that wisdom from your Father may have come some instructions on how to shave, which leads us to our second Gillette video of the day. Overall it’s not a bad introduction to shaving for young lads, although the fact that this kid has no visible facial hair even in HD has become the subject of some mocking on the web:

Personally I think material like this is good marketing for Gillette, targeting the first time shaver. It reminds me of the freebies they gave out in my dorm when I first went to college. Locking guys in early is really they key to making them Gillette men for life. For more information on their razors and where you can pick them up, check out their website.