HEX Watch Band for the iPod Nano

Group Shot HEX Watch Band 300x179

If you got an iPod Nano for Christmas, you might want to pick up the HEX Watch Band for iPod Nano Gen 6.  The watch band is available in 9 colors and the HEX Watch Band allows users to protect the iPod Nano while sporting it as a stylish accessory.

The HEX Watch Band features a “Pop-in, Pop-out” design which allows for easy placement of the iPod Nano. With premium silicone and integrated control buttons, the Watch Band provides maximum protection and full access to all controls on the iPod Nano.  The inline orientation of the Watch Band allows headphone cords to run straight up the user’s arm or discretely through a sleeve keeping the cords from tangling or getting in the way while on the go.

The HEX Watch Band is available now for $29.95 at www.shopHEX.com. To see how simple installation is for your iPod Nano, check out the video below.