Hey Chicago, Meet Blake Griffin

Blake Griffin Intro 560x241

The terror continues...

The Clippers and Bulls squared off last night. Maybe ya’ caught it… if not, I’m sure you’ll be shocked to hear.

Blake Griffin. He was being Blake Griffin.

First, a little reverse dunk action going over Taj Gibson and the baller formerly known as Kurt Thomas…

Here’s the thing. I love the Chicago Bulls. I’m a football guy first and foremost, but I’d be hard pressed to name the Bears or the Bulls as my single favorite team on earth. I grew up worshipping Jordan. I owned the shoes – Series 1 through 7, one pair every year… liked the 3 and the 5 best – and the jerseys – have owned eight total Jordan jerseys in my life, four of them are still in my closet today – and the posters (seriously… I ruined an entire room in my parent’s house with the green poster tack shit).

I adore the Chicago Bulls… and I’m extremely happy the pulled a big win, 106-88… but I’m disappointed there isn’t a single Derrick Rose highlight on YouTube.

But there’s two of Griffin. Shocking, I know.

Here’s number two… an alley oop over Kyle Korver…

… the Bulls may have won the war, but Griffin won a few battles along the way. As always.

Here’s the overall highlights. Enjoy.

And thanks for stopping in.