How to Hide Your Beer at the Beach

Hide Beer Can 560x333

Thankfully they outlined all of the steps, or I would have been lost.

Recently we introduced you to the Beer Belly, which allows you to conceal your beer when entering something like a sporting event. However this time of year, it seems like the beach is one of the most likely places you’d want to sneak a beer, and the Beer Belly may not cut it. Unless you want to sit on the beach all day with an artificial gut under your t-shirt, we’re guessing you’re going to need another method, like the can trick above. Luckily the folks at Virgin Mobile have been working hard on this problem, and have come up with their list of 10 Awesome Ways to Hide Beer at the Beach. We’ve found a few of our own, and highlighted some of our favorites from their list below, but check out their full article for more. Some are obviously more practical than others.