Three Hilariously Failed Musical Disses

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In the age of Twitter, a musical artist no longer needs to write a song to diss someone they don’t like. Using a creative mix of the @ and # symbols allows you to pick a fight with almost anyone on Earth. Sometimes though, stars pick the wrong target.

Chad Kroeger Nicklebacks someone

Nickleback has been the butt of so many jokes about sucking that frontman Chad Kroeger has simply stopped giving a shit. When 40 thousand people signed a petition to stop them playing a show, he and his band played it anyway and responded simply with a video saying, “we sell a lot of records“.

Now Kroeger is currently set to marry Avril Lavigne (yes, that Avril Lavigne — weird, right?), so Lavigne’s ex thought it would be totally funny to dress up as Lavigne and for his girlfriend to dress like Kroeger on Halloween. ¬†Because girls love it when you dress up as your ex-wife, they can’t get enough of that.¬† When the picture somehow ended up on Twitter, this was Kroeger’s response. Presumably written before he went back to boning his hot, non-bearded wife and selling millions of records.

The sun doesn’t burn people this hard.

Now fame isn’t exactly a sliding scale and we’re sure Deryck Whibley and his band Sum 41 are famous in their own right, but we’re sorry, there is no comeback for being slapped down by freaking Nickleback.

Pauly D is schooled by Deadmau5, twice

Believe it or not, Pauly D, aka that douche from Jersey Shore, is a DJ people pay actual money to see perform. Now being a DJ, a performance style that can only really be appreciated Live, he of course has a music video, which we’re not going to link to because we like you. After making the video, Pauly went ahead and posted it online asking for feedback..

I don’t possibly see how anything could go wrong asking the internet for honest critique.

Deadmau5, another DJ, mostly famous for wearing a giant plastic mouse head, who for some reason we’re really warming to, answered with the following.


Not liking this legitimate criticism, Pauly D fired back with this picture of one of Deadmau5’s albums in the clearance section. Because nothing stings an artist more than seeing something they’ve already been paid to create being sold for a reasonable price.


Only to be Twitter punched in the virtual scrotum so hard by Deadmau5 we presume he permanently has an 80% chance of spontaneously peeing blood whenever he tries to type.


Damn, who’d have thought a guy who made himself a giant plastic mouse head complete with LEDs that flash in time to music he composed would be so creative?

Jay-Z is sucker punched by the crowd

Glastonbury is one of the biggest festivals on Earth and in recent years the music played there has changed and evolved — you know, as music is prone to do. At the 2008 festival lead singer of Oasis Noel Gallagher complained to the officials about the inclusion of Jay-Z as the headline act, asserting that the headline act should be reserved for guitar acts, in keeping with tradition.

Jay-Z proceeded to walk onto the stage for his set with a guitar (that wasn’t plugged in) and started mockingly singing the opening few bars of Oasis’ biggest hit “Wonderwall.” Only to have the entire crowd join the hell in, leaving Jay-Z to look incredulously at the crowd while they sung the song to a backing track, all while he meekly tried to chime in with a voice that could only be described as a teenager going through puberty trying to argue with a bear.

To his credit he recovered and went straight into “99 problems,” but when you’re hired to headline a show and the entire crowd sings a song you didn’t write to music you’re not playing while you stand looking like a tool, you’re doing something wrong.