16 Hitler Parody Videos

Parodies of Hitler have been hitting YouTube for a couple of years now. With the most recent success of Hitler’s reaction to the Bills signing Terrell Owens, I thought I would review this phenomenon. There are over a hundred parody videos on YouTube of the climactic scene from the 2004 movie, “Downfall,” in which Hitler displays a frightening tantrum in the presence of his officers. YouTube posters have taken to pasting humorous subtitles over the action. Honestly, it is entertaining as all hell, so we collected a few to share with you. (Keep in mind that the Führer is often NSFW)

Hitler’s mad about Terrell Owens in Buffalo

Hitler has problems with Windows Vista

Hitler and the Real Estate Downfall

Hitler gets banned from Xbox Live

Hitler the Cowboys Fan

Hitler upset about Fantasy Football

Hitler gets banned from World of Warcraft

Hitler hears of Obama’s Victory

Hitler is invaded by Mexicans

Hitler Framed for Child Molestation

Hitler finds out he is gay

Hitler hears KFC stops making Nuggets

Hitler’s got the wrong bike.

Somebody stole Hitler’s Car

I think you get the idea. These two are fairly ingenious though, and serves as a good way to end this list.

Hitler finds out his subtitles are wrong

Hitler Finds Out He’s A Joke On YouTube